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All of our traditional buffets come with a selection of sandwiches, mini bridge rolls and wraps all served on white and wholemeal. Our standard Savoury buffets include, but are not limited to, the following fillings of Turkey, Turkey & Stuffing, Turkey & Cranberry, Egg Mayo & Cress, Cheese, Cheese & Tomato, Cheese & Onion, Ham, Ham & Tomato, Tuna Mayo, Tuna mayo & Cucumber, Tuna Mayo & Sweetcorn, Cornbeef, Cornbeef & Branston Pickle, Roast Beef & Roast beef & Horseradish.

Our premium & Executive buffets fillings will consist of a selection of the above fillings but will also include, but not limited to, Prawns & Marie rose sauce, red salmon, red salmon & cucumber, Cajun chicken, Cajun chicken & iceberg lettuce, Home cooked roast pork & stuffing

Our savoury selection choices are buffet pastry sausage rolls, mini scotch eggs. Cocktail sausages, buffet pork pie, vegetarian quiche, mini beef pasties, chicken satay, vegetable samosa, vegetable spring roll, vegetarian onion hajis, mini salmon & cream cheese bagels, chicken drumsticks, Olive & mozzarella skewers, sundried tomato & mozzarella skewers, mozzarella fingers, battered chicken bites (halal approved), breaded cream cheese & jalapeno bites, crunchy cheese & chilli bites, Hawaiian chicken skewers (halal approved), chicken onion & peppers skewers (halal approved) and  marinated chicken skewers (halal approved).

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